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Sofia Ingmarsson (Soffe)
Postat lördagen 04 augusti 2007 - 01:53  Ändra meddelande Radera meddelande Skriv ut meddelande   Flytta meddelande (endast Anbytarvärd/Admin)  


I am looking for further whereabouts on Johan August Andersson (b Feb 18, 1853 in Linderås parish, Sweden) and his wife Hilma Josefina Sätt (b May 13, 1850 in Ödeshög parish, Sweden). They were married in 1879 and their daughter Idalia Olivia Marianne was born on Apr 30, 1879 in Ödeshög.

Pryor to the emigration the family lived on the farm Kultorp in Ödeshög. Their certificates say the emigration took place on March 16, 1880.
Hilma had during the previous month given birth to twins, who died within a week.

I searched for the family in the US census 1880 over on FamilySearch, but I don't think I found them. Perhaps they were still travelling when the records were written.

I hope anyone can help me to relocate my relatives again! I don't know where to in America they were heading.