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Karen from Minnesota
Postat lördagen 25 november 2006 - 17:03  Ändra meddelande Radera meddelande Skriv ut meddelande   Flytta meddelande (endast Anbytarvärd/Admin)  

I am looking for information in Blekinge, Mjallby, Sweden. The burial resting place of my Great Grandparents & their their families.
And would like to know Church & Parish inwhich live were married & if the church is still standing(Name Address Phone # Web Site e-mail & any Pictures of Mjallby there in Blekinge & what home they may of livrd in & if it's still standing?
Sven Hakansson; Born: 20/02/1958 Death 31/12/1930
1st Marriage 20/12/1878
Hana Nilsdotter; Born: 19/03/1853 Death:30/10/1903
Had 7 children: All her surviving 6 children come to Minnesota in 2 waves. 3rd child 2nd son Berni Born 15/11/1885 Died 8/10/1889. Would like to know burial site (Probalby along side of mother, whom is my Great Grandmother).
Sven Hakansson (The above same dates)
2nd Marriage to Johanna Jonsson.
I am intersested in having tombstone inscriptions one day also. I would like name of cemetery where Sven is buried & his 2 wives: Hana & Johanna are buried & his son Berni (Bernard?)also. Hana May be buried along side son & Sven Next to 2nd wife.
Would like Name of Cemetery
Would like the address
& Phone number
& if they have a url web site or e-mail address.

All I know of my Great Grandmother Hana Nilsdotter is listed above. Would like to know who where parents were & if she had any siblings Likewise with My Great Grandfather Sven Hakansson.
Following is an outline of family genealogy I do have would like to know more if any one can could e-mail any data or where to locate information on-line in Blekinge, Mjally, Sweden I woiuld appreciate it.

Family Ancestral Descendency:

Sven Hakansson 20/02/1858 t0 31/12/190
1st Marriage 20/12/1878 Mallby, Blekinge, Sweden
7 children between 1882 to 1897 (I have all of the childrens data).

Sven's parents:
Hakan/Hokan? Andersson/Andreason
born 6 or 24 of April 1831 (Listerby?)
died: 19/07/1903
married 24/04/18xx
Bengta Larsdotter
born 21/2/1831
died 1911
Any other children beside's Sven.

Bengta's Parents:
Lars Jonsson Born: 23/04/1804
Slagesnasand (What does this mean is it a name or 2 words connected?)
Elna Mansdotter Born: 04/04/1810

Hakan/Hokan father: Anders Jonasson
Whose his wife & the dates & the other childdren, if any?

Then of Course the following Father for one of the above (Who is their spouse & children?)


If any one assist or have access readily within community to access this information, I would deeply appreciate it with all my heart.
I do not read or speak Swedish ( My Grandmother did fluently & never taught us)
Or know of where I would best start on-line to acquire church or family genealogiesetc., of these families surnames.
Thank you!
Please contact
Karen In search of my swedish heritage & family history.
What was life like in Sweden 1800's to 1900's I'm curious as to Someone who is very fond of the historic events of the area of Blekinge Mjallbly Sweden
Thanks, Would like to know what Grandma encounted at home & family before her.
Thanks again.
Just direct me to some good websites that would answer these for me in Engish ~ 2006 Hope everyone there had a great Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Holidays!
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Suzanne Wernersson
Postat lördagen 25 november 2006 - 18:34  Ändra meddelande Radera meddelande Skriv ut meddelande   Flytta meddelande (endast Anbytarvärd/Admin)  

Frågor och efterlysningar i första hand på Anbytarforum

Questions and requests first in anbytarforum

Eget pastorat. Från 1885 överfördes från Sölvesborg landsförsamling ön Hanö 1/4 mantal.

Vissa årgångar av födelse-, vigsel- och dödböckerna för församlingen är för närvarande sökbara på Demografiska Databasen Södra Sverige.

Certain years of birth, marriage and death books
Marrige 1771-1894, Death 1771-1896
is seachable on the url above

The address to the parish:

Mjällby församling
Kyrkvägen 4

Telefon +46 456 50021
Telefax +46 456 50461

Good hunting

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Jan Åke Sandberg
Postat lördagen 25 november 2006 - 21:46  Ändra meddelande Radera meddelande Skriv ut meddelande   Flytta meddelande (endast Anbytarvärd/Admin)  

The following datas I have got from and they have an English version. The database has many parishes in the provinces of Halland, Skåne and Blekinge but not all. The parish of Jämshög is situated on the northwestern corner of Blekinge, close to Skåne and the province of Småland (you can maybe find a place Olofström there which today is the main place in the area).

Sven Håkansson, born Feb 20, 1858 at Rösjö, parish of Jämshög. Parents: Håkan Andreasson and Bengta Larsdotter.

Hanna Nilsdotter, born Mar 19, 1853 at Brännarebygd, parish of Jämshög. Parents: Nils Ingwarsson (also Ingvardsson) and Bengta Persdotter (29 years old), married Dec 28, 1849.

Håkan Andersson, born July 19, 1831 at Jämshög No 7, parish of Jämshög. Parents: Anders Jonasson and Maria Henricsdotter (34 years old).

Bengta Larsdotter, born Febr 21, 1831 at Snöfleboda, parish of Jämshög. Parents: Lars Jönsson and Elna Månsdotter (21 years old).

As you can see quite often they stated the mothers age which can be some help. One Elna Månsdotter, born Mar 18, 1810 at Öfra Glumslöf in the parish of Glumslöv in Skåne, not so far from Jämshög, parents Måns Åkkerman and Ingebor Månsdotter. But to be sure of that this is correct you have to check the original books or microfiche. It can be hard from Minnesota (they have them in Rock Island, Illinois, but that is not so close).

In any way, good luck for you hunting